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A fresh approach

to discovery

Pallas is a Central Asian explorer on the hunt for large-scale copper and gold systems




Targeting large copper and gold discoveries in underexplored yet highly prolific belts where world-class Soviet-era discoveries were made many decades ago (50+ years) and limited modern exploration has been applied since



Our competitive advantage is the ability to deploy a systematic country-wide generative strategy, focusing on belt-scale prospectivity with genuine Tier 1 deposit potential




Large 811km2 land position with licence's held on a 100%-basis under Kazakhstan’s reformed 2018 Mining Legislation, modelled after the Western Australia Code



We have one of largest privately held exploration datasets across Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the result of a multi-year process of data compilation and digitization



We employ a high tech approach to exploration combining the use of cutting-edge data-science (Machine Learning) and our in-house generative experts in the discovery process



A team with exceptional generative capabilities and a deep working knowledge of the region. Prior involvement in the discovery and delineation of several Central Asian deposits



A fresh approach to discovery

Pallas Resources is a Central Asian explorer with a fresh approach to discovery. We employ a disciplined target selection process focusing on the highly prospective yet under explored frontier jurisdictions of Central Asia, with a distinct focus in Kazakhstan. We employ a hybrid exploration/project generation model presenting investors with a non-dilutive and risk-balanced approach to exploration. By pursuing a diversified portfolio of exploration projects Pallas's business model is geared towards increasing the probability of discovery. 

The market is saturated with traditional junior explorers, particularly in well-explored jurisdictions where discovery rates are falling and exploration costs have skyrocketed. Pallas is disrupting this cycle, choosing to invest strategically in jurisdictions where undeniable world class discovery potential and a lack of exploration attention combine, allowing for the application of modern exploration techniques to deliver compelling targets across a host of commodities and deposit types.  

Pallas is structured to reward shareholders with the appetite for the type of high-risk high return exposure that exploration provides with the opportunity to fully participate in discovery upside through a variety of projects and paths to liquidity. 

Pallas was founded by a team with over 10 years’ collective experience in Central Asia, having contributed to the discovery and growth of several Central Asian deposits. Our team brings deep technical expertise across orogenic and epithermal gold systems, as well as in sediment-hosted and porphyry copper deposits. We have in-house specialists in the fields of machine learning, spectral geology, and remote sensing; as well as the capacity to quickly digitize and dissect Soviet-era datasets. The net result is an incredibly strong, technically driven team with the capacity to focus on systematic generative efforts in the hunt for the next significant discovery in Central Asia.   

Our Team

Simon Cooper

Director and Co-Founder

BSc (Geology), MSc (Mining Engineering)

2. TopMiddle_DanielRickleman_Director &
Daniel Rickleman

Director and Co-Founder

BSc (Geoscience), MSc (Ore Deposit Geology)

3. TopRight_JamieKeech_Director.jpg
Jamie Keech


BSc (Mineral Engineering), MSc (Mining Engineering)

5. MiddleMiddle_DavidGroves_TechnicalAdv
David Groves

Technical Advisor

BSc (Geology), PhD (Geology), Honorary DSc, Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science

6. MiddleRight_JonWoodhead_TechnicalAdvi
Jon Woodhead

Technical Advisor 

BSc Honours (Geology), MSc (Mining Engineering/Mineral Economics), PhD (Economic Geology)

Tom Woolyrch Picture.JPG
Thomas Woolrych

Technical Advisor

BSc (Geology)

8. BottomMiddle_BartoszKarykowki_Technic
Bartosz Karykowski

Technical Advisor

BSc (Geology), MSc (Economic Geology), PhD (Geochemistry and Economic Geology)

9. BottomRight_XiaodongZhou_TechnicalAdv
Xiaodong Zhou

Technical Advisor

BSc (Geology and Geosciences), MSc (Geosciences)

Oleg Chubko Website.jpg
Oleg Chub

Associate Geologist

BSc (Geology)

Alex Frantiuc Photo.jpg
Alex Frantiuc

Associate GIS Data Manager


Sulukol - Orogenic Gold - 317km2

Click Image Above For More Project Details

Alakol - Orogenic Gold - 374km2

Click Image Above For More Project Details

Sarybastau - Porphyry Copper - 120km2

Click Image Above For More Project Details

Ulkensur - Porphyry-Skarn Copper-Gold - 100km2

Click Image Above For More Project Details

Dzhezkagan Open Pit-min.png
Dzhezkazgan East - Sediment-Hosted Copper - 23km2

Click Image Above For More Project Details

Satpayev - Sediment-Hosted Copper - 90km2

Click Image Above For More Project Details

Kazakhmys Smelter.png
Southeast Bay - Sediment-Hosted Copper - 490km2

Click Image Above For More Project Details



Pallas Initiates Machine Learning and Appoints New Advisors
January 22, 2021
Pallas Appoints New Advisory Board Members; Advances Targeting Efforts in Charsk Gold Belt
September 15, 2020
Pallas Completes 3D Model of Chu Sarysu Basin
April 22, 2020
Pallas Completes Uzbekistan Soviet Era 200K Geochem Map Digitisation
April 22, 2020
Pallas Completes Major Soviet Era Data Digitization Project Across Kazakhstan
April 13, 2020
Interested in becoming an investor or joint venture partner participating in the hunt for the world's next Tier 1 deposits? 

Pallas has a number of highly prospective district scale mineral targets throughout world class mineral belts in Central Asia. Our targets are underscored by comprehensive datasets which have been built over multiple years and we have a team that has collectively operated in the region for 10+ years. 


The nature of these targets lend themselves to the discovery of very large scale high-grade deposits, often with exceptionally robust economics (e.g. sediment-hosted copper, high-sulphidation epithermal gold deposits and orogenic gold targets).

We have a number of opportunities  to work alongside quality investment partners on a joint venture or strategic alliance basis spanning predominantly copper and gold assets. Please use the below contact form to get in touch and we would be more than happy to hold preliminary discussions regarding the nature of our projects. 

Interested in finding out more about our projects? Click here.


JV partners

For any general inquiries, joint venture opportunities or career information please get in contact:

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2nd Floor, Heathman's House, 19 Heathman's Rd

London, SW6 4TJ, UK


Tel:  +1345 926 4209


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