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A fresh approach

to discovery

Hunting world-class mineral systems in the untapped belts of Central Asia

About Us


On the hunt for large copper, gold, nickel and lithium systems in highly prolific yet underexplored terrain


2,678km2 (267,800 ha) package providing exposure to world-class belts with genuine Tier 1 potential


Employing cutting-edge Machine Learning alongside the largest privately held Central Asian dataset, toward a step change in discovery probability



Exceptional generative capabilities and a founding team with 15+ years in Central Asia with direct contributions to discoveries in the region

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Central Asia's largest exploration dataset

Largest private exploration dataset covering Central Asia

Decades of Soviet-era exploration data continuously digitized over many years

Exceptionally powerful country-wide targeting tool

Includes geophysics, geochem, geology, alteration, deposits and structural data

Machine learning in ground selection

Utilizing ML as a predictive prospectivity tool combined with country-wide datasets

Big data approach underpins every acquisition

Opportunities ranked for Tier 1 prospectivity and heavily scrutinized at a belt-scale



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Sulukol (317km2)

Orogenic Gold

Southeast Bay (490km2)

Sed-Hosted Copper


Stepnyak-Kokshetau Gold Belt (>45Moz)

Chu-Sarysu Sed-Copper Basin (>25MtCu)

Ili-Balkash & Bozshakol Porphyry Copper-Gold Arcs (>100MtCu, 250Moz)

Altai Nickel-Sulphide Belt 

Kalba-Narym Pegmatite Belt

Alakol (374km2)

Orogenic Gold

Samen (135km2)

Porphyry Copper-Gold

Ulkensur (100km2)

Porphyry Copper-Gold

Sarybastau (120km2)

Porphyry Copper-Gold

Aktogay West (377km2)

Porphyry Copper-Gold

Zarya (54km2)

Lithium pegmatite

Surovo (27km2)

Lithium pegmatite

Batis (22km2)

Lithium pegmatite

Kokpekty Group (376km2)

Nickel sulphide

Quryiq (73km2)

Nickel sulphide

Bor (99km2)

Sed-Hosted Copper

Dzhezkazgan East and Satpayev (114km2)

Sed-Hosted Copper


Exploration Partners

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Option and Joint Venture agreement targeting porphyry and sediment-hosted copper systems of >5Mt contained copper

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BHP Xplor is a global accelerator program targeting innovative mineral exploration companies to find the critical resources necessary to drive the energy transition.

Portfolio Companies

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Hunting supergiant nickel-sulphides in Central Asia within a massive untapped nickel belt overlapping the same superplume as Noril'sk


First-mover in Kazakh hard-rock lithium within a past-producing pegmatite belt where Soviets identified significant occurrences of spodume

Partnes & Portfolio Companies
Our Team

Our Team

Pallas was founded by a team with over 15 years’ collective experience in Central Asia, having contributed to the discovery and growth of several Central Asian deposits. Our team brings deep technical expertise across orogenic and epithermal gold systems, as well as in sediment-hosted and porphyry copper deposits. We have in-house specialists in the fields of machine learning, spectral geology, and remote sensing; as well as the capacity to quickly digitize and dissect Soviet-era datasets. The net result is an incredibly strong, technically driven team with the capacity to focus on systematic generative efforts in the hunt for the next significant discovery in Central Asia.   
  • Location and Access
    The property covers 18,470 hectares of state-owned Alaska mining claims and is located approximately 180 km southeast of Fairbanks and 70 km east of Delta Junction, Alaska which offer all amenities to serve exploration and mining activities. The property can be accessed via winter trail or helicopter from Delta Junction.
  • Geology and Mineralization
    The Healy Project is located within the Goodpaster Mining District, which is part of the prolific Tintina Gold Province; host of significant deposits such as Donlin Creek, Fort Knox, Pogo, Coffee, Sheelite Dome and Dublin Gulch. The property straddles a regional contact between metamorphic basement rocks and Cretaceous igneous rocks, which is recognized as a regional control for gold mineralization. The project lies within the major north-east trending structural corridor of the Black Mountain Tectonic Zone. The Black Mountain Tectonic Zone is believed to be similar to other major north-east trending structures such as the Shaw Creek, Mt. Harper, Ketchumstuck and Sixtymile fault systems, all of which are associated with major mineral occurrences. Within the project area gold-in-soil geochemical anomalies are coincident with numerous north-east trending structures related to this major structural corridor. Gold mineralization is associated with quartz-sericite altered pyritic gneiss and schist units within the metamorphic basement rocks.
  • Exploration History
    The Healy Project was originally identified as a multi-catchment gold anomaly through Newmont’s proprietary bulk leach extractable gold (BLEG) stream sediment sampling techniques during a regional survey of eastern interior Alaska. The project was staked in 2012 and had seen only limited early stage exploration including ridge-and-spur and grid soil sampling, geologic mapping and prospecting, and four shallow Shaw back-pack drill holes all completed by Newmont. The targets generated from these exploration campaigns had yet to be tested by diamond or reverse circulation drilling prior to the optioning of the property by Kenorland Minerals Ltd. (formally Northway Resources Corp.) in 2018. Kenorland began exploration work in 2018 with additional surface geochemical sampling which led to an initial reconnaissance drill program in 2019. The 2019 campaign included ten shallow reconnaissance style reverse circulation (RC) drill holes which intercepted widespread low-grade gold mineralization within the Bronk target area. In 2020 further geochemical and geophysical surveys advanced the Healy project, including a helicopter-borne magnetometer and radiometric survey, a ground based magnetometer and very low frequency electromagnetic (VLF-EM) survey, 10 lines of RES/IP geophysical surveying and infill C-horizon soil sampling over the main target areas to help define drill ready targets for the 2021 summer program.

Latest News

Latest News


Interested in becoming an investor or joint venture partner participating in the hunt for the world's next Tier 1 deposits? 

Pallas has a number of highly prospective district scale mineral targets throughout world class mineral belts in Central Asia. Our targets are underscored by comprehensive datasets which have been built over multiple years and we have a team that has collectively operated in the region for 15+ years. 

We're a private, tightly-held group with significant inside ownership but do occasionally look to partner with long-term investors and joint venture partners seeking exposure to a portfolio of assets with significant discovery potential. 



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2nd Floor, Heathman's House, 19 Heathman's Rd

London, SW6 4TJ, UK


Tel:  +1345 926 4209

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