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Team Meeting
Pallas was founded by a team with over 10 years’ collective experience in Central Asia, having contributed to the discovery and growth of several Central Asian deposits. Our team brings deep technical expertise across orogenic and epithermal gold systems, as well as in sediment-hosted and porphyry copper deposits. We have in-house specialists in the fields of machine learning, spectral geology, and remote sensing; as well as the capacity to quickly digitize and dissect Soviet-era datasets. The net result is an incredibly strong, technically driven team with the capacity to focus on systematic generative efforts in the hunt for the next significant discovery in Central Asia.   
Simon Cooper

Director and Co-Founder

BSc (Geology), MSc (Mining Engineering)

2. TopMiddle_DanielRickleman_Director &
Daniel Rickleman

Director and Co-Founder

BSc (Geoscience), MSc (Ore Deposit Geology), MAppFin (Kaplan), SEG Fellow, FINSIA Associate

3. TopRight_JamieKeech_Director.jpg
Jamie Keech


BSc (Mineral Engineering), MSc (Mining Engineering)

4. MiddleLeft_NurlanZhakupov_BoardAdviso
Nurlan Zhakupov

Board Advisor

Bachelor and Master’s Degree in economics

5. MiddleMiddle_DavidGroves_TechnicalAdv
David Groves

Technical Advisor

BSc (Geology), PhD (Geology), Honorary DSc, Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science

6. MiddleRight_JonWoodhead_TechnicalAdvi
Jon Woodhead

Technical Advisor 

BSc Honours (Geology), MSc (Mining Engineering/Mineral Economics), PhD (Economic Geology)

7_ BottomLeft_ThomasWoolrych_TechnicalAd
Thomas Woolrych

Technical Advisor

BSc (Geology)

8. BottomMiddle_BartoszKarykowki_Technic
Bartosz Karykowski

Technical Advisor

BSc (Geology), MSc (Economic Geology), PhD (Geochemistry and Economic Geology)

9. BottomRight_XiaodongZhou_TechnicalAdv
Xiaodong Zhou

BSc (Geology and Geosciences), MSc (Geosciences)

Azamat For Website.jpg
Azamat Bizhanov

Chief Geologist (Ibex Resources LLP)

BSc (Geoscience)

Oleg Chubko Website.jpg
Oleg Chub

Associate Geologist

BSc (Geology)


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